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Why the Current Discussion on Covid and Disabilities is Making Disabled Peeps REALLY Nervous

- by Bri - (This was originally posted on Facebook on Feb. 4, 2022).

Listen to what our leaders are saying. Listen to the language they use. Think about the implications of their actions on marginalized communities.

TW - Disabled Deaths

Recent comments by some leaders have suggested that disabled and old people will just have to die of Covid for life to “go back to normal”. (There have been multiple leaders who’ve said something to this effect.)

So….I should sacrifice my life for the economy? Y’all know me. You know how fucking hard I work to make my communities a better place. But even if I wasn’t like that, I shouldn’t have to justify my right to live, just because I’m disabled.

These leaders are saying that’s it’s survival of the fittest for me to die from Covid. That society should go back to normal and disabled and elderly people dying is the price we just have to pay.

Friends. This is eugenics ideology. You know the whole “we will not actively prevent (or will actively encourage) a specific group of people dying for the ‘good’ of the community”?

Peeps - this is VERY dangerous thinking.

“As a result, a type of eugenics philosophy could become even more widely accepted, in which a much higher rate of suffering and loss of old, disabled, and chronically ill people is viewed as sad perhaps, but also natural. There are already people who not only believe this is unavoidable, but in a sense right. “Survival of the fittest” may soon once again become not just a glib cliche, but a popular and validated social philosophy.” (Forbes, 2021).



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